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Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese therapeutic massage system which uses touch and pressure to strategically stimulate acupressure points, which are the same points used in acupuncture. This opens up your body’s energy channels and boosts blood circulation to nourish your internal organs, glands, muscles and nerves. It reduces tension by bringing your body back into a state of balance, which is why Shiatsu is an excellent choice for stress and pain management.


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The Japanese word Shiatsu means "finger pressure" and our therapists exert finger, thumb and palm pressure on your acupressure points to induce deep relaxation, release tension and re-balance your body. They may also use their elbows, knees and feet by kneeling and walking on you to apply the pressure for a more dynamic treatment. Shiatsu is performed on a low massage table and no oil is used, so you may wear light clothing.

A Shiatsu massage treats your whole being and is invigorating as well as being deeply relaxing and used to treat stress and stress related conditions, anxiety, stiff muscles, back pain, shoulder tension, a stiff neck, headaches etc. Regular sessions can help prevent the build up of stress and keep your body in a state of balance.


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