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Sports massage aims to get you in peak condition, so that you can achieve optimum performance in your chosen sport. It is also used as a preventative treatment in dealing with the health, tone, balance, symmetry and movement of your muscles, connective tissues and the quality of your posture.

Depending on your individual requirements, our therapists will work on specific muscles and muscle groups and break down bands of rigid tissue to improve mobility and stimulate blood circulation and lymph fluids and prepare your muscular skeletal system, so you are ready to compete or participate in sporting actvities at your peak performance.

It is also an effective treatment in dealing with sports injuries and allieviating muscle stiffness, pain and soreness following exercise and can help speed up recovery.


Sports Massage includes pre-event, post-event and maintenance techniques and can positively affect an athelete's condition improving their performance. It aims to relieve muscle tension, improve joint mobilization, increase blood circulation and reduce pre-event stress, to fully prepare an athelete to compete in their sport.


If you are preparing for a sporting event or recovering from an injury, please pay us a visit and we will be pleased to tailor your treatment to meet your individual needs.



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