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Swedish Massage is the most common form of body massage given in the United States and was pioneered in the early nineteenth century by Dr Per Henrik Ling who was a Swedish physiologist. It is very therapeutic and extremely relaxing and used to treat stress and stress related conditions, anxiety, muscle strains and sprains, repetitive strain injury, back pain, headaches and migraines and may also help if you are having sleeping difficulties. It increases flexibility and mobility and improves your blood circulation by bringing oxygen and nutrients to your body tissues. At New One Massage, our therapists use hot oil in conjunction with the following strokes.

Effleurage is a smooth gliding movement which is very fluid and practiced in all massages where oil is used. These smooth gliding strokes are used to warm up the body tissues and follow the contours of the body in the direction of blood flow towards the heart to stimulate blood circulation. Out therapists use their palms, fingers elbows and forearms when applying effleurage strokes.

Petrissage is a technique similar to kneading dough which squeezes the muscle body and our therapists use finger, thumb and hand pressure in a rolling motion to compress the underlying muscles and release the tension and stiffness. This stretches your muscles, breaks up adhesions (areas of rigid dense tissue), increases blood circulation, speeds up the elimination of waste products and relaxes the muscle group being worked on. Petrissage is applied on large muscles such as the shoulders, thighs and hips.

Friction is the deepest technique used in Swedish Massage and our therapists use finger and thumb pressure in a circular rubbing motion to create friction on bands of painful tissue in order to release the muscle tension. This enhances muscle flexibility, improves your blood circulation and alleviates pain.


Vibration is an oscillating effect created by the therapists hands to stimulate blood flow in the underlying area and is very effective in soothing irritated muscles. Fine vibration is achieved by using the fingertips and is applied to small areas of the body. Coarse vibration may involve moving a muscle body or an entire joint.


Tapotement is usually given at the end of the massage where our therapist lightly strikes your body in rapid repetitive chopping (percussion) movements to stimulate your muscle tissues and boost blood circulation.


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